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Friday, November 18, 2005

EP: Blue Vitriol - They Went To Titan!

Blue Vitriol - They Went To Titan! (2005)

Jake and Josh finished up a 6 song mini-album which has just been released on the premier German Electronic Dub-Reggae music label: Jahtari. It is available immediately (for FREE!) in handy Mp3 format. We've been working on some of these songs for more than a year, so it's definitely our best work ever. Jahtari is gearing up to do CD and Vinyl releases soon too-- keep an eye out over the next few months for news of a CD version of the album with a few exclusive bonus tracks.

So please, download and listen to the Mp3 release of our new mini-album, share it with anyone who might enjoy it, and let us know what you think. You know you love the digital dub:

Blue Vitriol - They Went To Titan! (2005)

Direct track downloads:

01 Submethane
02 Breeder
03 Cryovolcano
04 Casiotone Rock
05 Re-Entry Dub
06 They Found Oceans on Titan

Here is the description from

3...2...1...LIFT OFF! On October 15th, 1997 the largest interplanetary spacecraft ever built left Earth for the vast Saturnian system - the Cassini orbiter with its attached Huygens probe. After a seven-year journey through the roaring silence of space Cassini finally reached its goal: the majestic rings, dozens of frozen moons and huge magnetosphere of Saturn that has intrigued human imagination for centuries.

TITAN, Saturn's largest moon, is one of the most mysterious objects in our Solar System. Scientists think that its atmosphere resembles that of a very young Earth. The Huygens probe was released from Cassini in December 2004. Two weeks later it entered the murky atmosphere of TITAN and descended via parachute onto its mysterious surface. The ESA Huygens probe was the first to land on a world in the outer Solar System.

BLUE VITRIOL are supplying the soundtrack to every aspect of this revolutionary mission with their 'THEY WENT TO TITAN'-EP on JAHTARI. A long journey to the outer regions of Dub itself, made for listening as a whole - over and over again. The dense atmosphere of TITAN becomes almost palpable in each track, every crag in the clifted surface of that strange moon an own sound. Hear vast Methane oceans moving in slow motion. Space suits hissing, scanner data transmitting, control lights flashing. Rockets igniting into the screaming magnetosphere, radar echos penetrating the thick clouds, echoing back around the rings of Saturn. Deep and lightyears away.

Commencing landing sequence to your sonic orbit now!


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  • Congratulations to Jake and Josh on completing their 6-song mini-album and securing a release with the renowned German Electronic Dub-Reggae music label, Jahtari! It's an exciting achievement to have their work featured on such a prestigious platform.

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  • It's great to hear that Jake and Josh have finished their 6-song mini-album and that it has been released on Jahtari. I'm sure their hard work has paid off, and their fans will be excited to hear it. I'll keep an eye out for news of a CD version of the album with bonus tracks. Thanks for the update!

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