Blue Vitriol

Friday, April 28, 2006

Compilation Track: The Rhythm Method LP

We have a track ("Ravishing Tea Party") on the new Experimedia compilation album. The compilation is 2 cd's worth of music, all free for the download. Judging by the track list it looks really promising. Check it out:

The Rhythm Method LP

First Experimedia unleashed a collection of lush ambient soundscapes, to commemorate their 25th release. Then they unveiled an abrassive noise compilation, aimed at proprietors of artistic censorship. And now, Experimedia returns with their greatest compilation yet... the double LP-length 'Rhythm Method', featuring close to 160 minutes of new & exclusive music from mostly new and/or unheard artists in addition to a few established artists. Thematically, this release continues the tradition of attacking a specific niche of electronica, with the focus now on beat-driven electro, squelchy glitch-hop, raw and rugged d'n'b... basically, if it has a pulse, it is being represented. Whether you like to dance, nod yer head, or just sit back and chill to some ear candy...this is for you. Design by Jack Rabbit.


101 earthman - bomvu precog
102 brother thadeus - cold steel out
103 acid burp - 39 hour man
104 nick s - machine funk
105 djet - jellyfish
106 milieu - pileus (infinite edit)
107 freqtronik - mr hugo
108 casio commander - the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
109 port orchard - kinderfarten
110 marshall watson - meady
111 1kb - testpattern2
112 octoforce - the dispatch
113 pym - putty
114 dane jacobs - rightot
115 mrs jynx - trigger for a train of thought

201 halfadder - seytinpyook
202 blue vitriol - ravishing tea party
203 paul mahoux - tokashikighostokashiikiss
204 solenoid - purple biscuit
205 sekret hush - spin of the kajawa
206 sascha mueller - scene 21
207 legowelt - theme from chriet titulaer
208 soundbionics - abberation (tactical static mix)
209 dissolved - phrelemance
210 max marlow - soul out clipping
211 sunao inami - 0207
212 glasse vs nubot - chaplain-bay
213 ocp - lagoa

Monday, April 10, 2006

Exquisite Corpse 6

We recently participated in the 6th in a series of exquisite corpse style song projects done in conjunction with a dozen other list members from the Idm-Making list. The songs are wonderful and bizarre:

Exquisite Corpse 6

Here is the direct link to our contribution (but you should really check out the whole site to get the context, there is a neat Flash interface to show the lineage of the remixes):

Blue Vitriol - Exquisite Corp., LTD

Here are the previous installments:

Exquisite Corpses 1-4

Exquisite Corpse 5

Thursday, April 06, 2006

2 Podcasts Featuring Blue Vitriol and Jahtari

Here are a couple of podcasts that have recently featured some of our songs, and songs by our labelmates on Jahtari:

StamPodCast #14
A Dub and Reggae StamPodCast this time, inspired by Dr Puff , with podsafe music from Dubmatix, JahtariRiddimForce, Disrupt, Blue Vitriol, BlazeDem, Volfonic and a hip-hop song about food from Filipeanut.

PUFFCAST - Show 31 -
Show 31, our 1 year anniversary show, features artists Blue Vitriol and Disrupt from the site. Creative video game electronica meets 70s Jamaican Dub

Its always nice to hear people mixing our tracks into their sets. Check them out and leave them some comments, DJs love feedback!