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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tribute to Jahtari released a really nice mix of the Jahtari back catalog, listen here:

Tribut an das Jahtari Netlabel | Phlow

Phlow Jahtari Mixtape

01. disrupt - "Tubby ROM Module (7")" (MP3)
02. Mikey Murka - "Sensi Addict" (MP3)
03. Jahtari Riddim Force - "Depth Charge" (MP3)
04. Ras Amerlock - "Farther East" (MP3)
05. Wheeler - "Breeze Blow" (MP3)
06. disrupt - "Jah Red Gold And Green" (MP3)
07. disrupt - "Bomb 20" (MP3)
08. Tapes - "Ticker Tape" (MP3)
09. disrupt - "Samurai Showdown" (MP3)
10. Jahtari Riddim Force - "Enchantier" (MP3)
11. Illyah & Ltd. Candy - "Fight The Formation" (MP3)
12. Normaa - "Give Thanks To Be Part" (MP3)
13. disrupt - "Blast You To Bits" (MP3)
14. Volfoniq vs Kik The Hypez - "Speak'n'Sex Maaagik Dub" (MP3)
15. Fleur Earth w/ Gringo Starr - "Brennen Euch Ab" (MP3)
16. Blue Vitriol - "Re-Entry Dub" (MP3)
17. Blaze Dem - "Martial World" (MP3)
18. disrupt - "Central Dubbing Unit" (MP3)
19. Bo Marley - "Bauhelm" (MP3)
20. Jahtari Riddim Force - "Loose In Space" (MP3)
21. Dubmood - "Kick De Bucket" (MP3)
22. disrupt - "The Stars My Destination" (MP3)
23. Blue Vitriol - "Breeder" (MP3)
24. disrupt - "International Karate Championship" (MP3)

Jahtari Compilation | Jahtari gehört definitiv zu den einzigartigsten Netlabels weit und breit. Vorsichtig fügt Jan Gleichmar aka disrupt eine Veröffentlichung nach der anderen über Jahtari in die Welt hinaus. Es kann auch mal längere Zeit still sein, dafür ist das Jahtari-Musikarchiv aber voll mit Dub Reggae Rohdiamanten. Wer mehr über Jahtari wissen möchte, liest am besten das Portrait "The Jah of 8-Bit-Chip-Dub-Digital-Laptop-Reggae-Music" auf Das habe ich damals vor einiger Zeit für das Sceen Magazin geschrieben. Ist aber zeitlos. Nach dem Klick bekommt ihr sämtliche MP3-Download-Links... Alles Creative Commons Musik :)

Or if you don't speak German, here's the Google translation:
Jahtari Compilation | Jahtari is definitely the most unique Netlabels far and wide. Carefully insert January Gleichmar aka disrupt a publication out to the other about Jahtari in the world. It can also be times long time to be quiet, but the Jahtari Music Archive, but full of dub reggae with diamonds is. Who wants to know more about Jahtari, reads most of the portrait "The years of 8-bit chip-Dub-Digital Laptop Reggae Music" on That's what I wrote at that time some time ago for the Sceen Magazine. But is timeless. After the jump you'll get all MP3 download links ... Everything Creative Commons music:)

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Diggin in the Vaults: Vitriolix - Whistler (2003)

The whistles go: WOOOOO!

This post on Autoblog about aftermarket clip on tail pipe whistlers brought up all kinds of good memories:

Vitriolix - Whistler (mp3 download)

Which was my remix of:

I hella <3 Oakland.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mixtape: Sum - Atari Dubstep [Ableton Mixtape]

I came across a very nice mix featuring a few Blue Vitriol and Disrupt tracks, check it out:

Sum - Atari Dubstep [Ableton Mixtape]

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cryovolcano Video

Nietzsche Luv from China sent this video using our track Cryovolcano as the soundtrack. Check it out:

Monday, October 22, 2007

Oct. 26th 7pm: IO @ RIP.MIX.BURN.BAM.PFA

The Improbable Orchestra will be showing at the UC Berkeley Art museum / Pacific File Archive at an event sponsored by Creative Commons that features several works all revolving around remix culture.

Oct. 26th 7pm: IO @ RIP.MIX.BURN.BAM.PFA

Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
Bancroft Lobby
2626 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94704
Join us for a one-night live music mash-up and art performance. Featuring Berkeley remix artists and DJs Ripley and Kid Kameleon, this event celebrates the opening of RIP.MIX.BURN.BAM.PFA and presents live performance works that complete that exhibition. Also appearing will be the do-it-yourself DJ machine created by the Improbable Orchestra group and a live image mash-up by the artist Zebbler playing across the museum walls. This event is co-hosted by Creative Commons.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blue Vitriol - Live Not @ The Press Club

Due to an overbooking mix up, we did not play last Sunday at the Press Club in Sacramento. Here's a version of the set we were planning on playing:

Blue Vitriol - Live Not @ The Press Club Sacramento July 22, 2007


00:00 -- Vitriolix - 'Ardcore Dancehall (Blue Vitriol Breaks Mix)
03:50 -- Blue Vitriol - Vanadium Oxide
04:53 -- Rusko - SNES Dub
10:01 -- Skream - Check It (Feat. Warrior Queen)
13:45 -- DJ C - Animal Attraction (Feat. Zulu)
17:26 -- DJ C - Nuttin Attall
22:04 -- DJ C - Ransom The Senator
25:34 -- Modeselektor - Weed Wid Da Macka (Feat. Ninjaman)
30:21 -- Ghislain Poirier - Dem Nah Like Me (feat. Mr. Lee)
34:57 -- Tippa Irie - Give Praises
38:41 -- Toasty - Take It Personal
43:56 -- Ellen Allien & Apparat - Metric
46:30 -- Elemental - Deep Under
52:09 -- DJ Pinch & P. Dutty - War Dub
57:11 -- Ian Foxfire - Ache
60:10 -- Geeneus - Congo
65:31 -- Skream - Who R These Guys

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Live Set: Blue Vitriol @ Synthetic

I recorded the set I did this Sunday at the Press Club in Sacramento, a copy of which is available here until my gracious web host tells me to take it down:

Blue Vitriol - Press Club Sacramento - July 1, 2007

Started out with our dub stuff and then transitioned into my weird dancehall mashups and some fine DJ C madness, which the dancefloor really seemed to enjoy. Looks like we'll be back out there on July 22, so Sacramento people come on down.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blue Vitriol at The Press Club in Sacramento - Sunday, July 1

1/2 of Blue Vitriol will be doing a set this Sunday in Sacramento with our friend Resynthesize and the Escape Artists crew. It's Josh's one year wedding anniversary (congratulations!) so he's got better things to do, and I'll be playing solo. I'm planning to spin equal parts our material and my never-before-heard-in-public mashup dubstep dancehall insanity. If you're in the area - or if you enjoy driving - we'd love it if you came out.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Remix: Blue Vitriol - Summer Will Never Come Again

We participated in the Medl remix contest for our friends at the netlabel Vocoid. Medl released the component tracks for their album Medly on the excellent CCMixter, and we chose my favorite, their breezy Summer Came Late This Year.

The rules stipulated that our remix use 50% content from their track. Our remix is comprised entirely of material from the original, except for a new subbass line. We processed the hell out of the samples, slowing everything down, making the beat gritty and dark, employing a healthy amount of cutup trickery and digital glitching. The result is more of a recomposition than a straight remix, teasing a new melody - suggested by the shape of the melody in the original - out of the sounds that were already there.

Blue Vitriol - Summer Will Never Come Again (Medl Remix)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Remix: Blue Vitriol - Salton Sea

We participated in a unique remix project for the new netlabel Rodoid:

Arteradio remixed

We were given a piece of sound art for the Arte Radio project to remix and turn into something new.

Some background on our song:

A few years back we drove all night to get down to Coachella California for the big crazy music festival that is held every summer in spite of the 110 degree desert heat . When we got there are 6am and tried to find ourselves a camp site, all that was available was a spot right on the edge of the Salton Sea.

Anyone who knows the Salton Sea knows what that means. As we got out of our car at our site we were hit with the force that is the smell of 1,000,000 dead, rotting fish lapping at the lake shore in small waves of heinous smells. Apparently this is normal for the Salton Sea.

The Salton Sea was once a resort town, but for obvious reasons is pretty much a ghost town now.

Something about the original sound we were given, "La Voix Des Machines" by Guillaume Ollendorf (translated: The Voice of the Machines) reminded us of the Salton Sea. Disconnected fragments of machines of our past. Carved out forgotten spaces on the edges of our daily experience.

The way we attacked the project was by splitting up bits of given to us and dividing sections between ourselves and really focusing in on the unique timbrel elements in each. We then came together to try to find a way to put it together in a form that made at least some kind of sense. This ended up yielding a really epic, wandering ambient experience. The Salton Sea crystallized into musical form:

Blue Vitriol - Salton Sea

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Live: Blue Vitriol @ Plug:Dos 09.09.2006

Last Weekend Blue Vitriol played live at Plug:Dos, the local San Francisco Bay Area show in the Le Placard Headphone Festival series of international headphone concerts.

At this show there were no speakers, so during the concert everyone was listening on their own personal headphones. This created a very odd sort of feeling, almost as if we were playing a concert in a library. If you slipped off your headphones all you heard was muffled discussion between friends and people shifting in their seats. Add to that the people listening from their homes all over the world via the live internet stream and you get a totally unique performance experience. We enjoyed it quite a bit.

We performed live remixes of a few selections off of our experimental digital dub EP's "The Bad Sleep Well" and "They Went To Titan".

Since we haven't been able to find a downloadable archive of the whole show (please email us if you find it), we are posting this practice take of the set.

Download it here:

Blue_Vitriol_-_Live_Practice_Set_for_PlugDos_2006 (23min, 33meg MP3) (other file formats)

Friday, April 28, 2006

Compilation Track: The Rhythm Method LP

We have a track ("Ravishing Tea Party") on the new Experimedia compilation album. The compilation is 2 cd's worth of music, all free for the download. Judging by the track list it looks really promising. Check it out:

The Rhythm Method LP

First Experimedia unleashed a collection of lush ambient soundscapes, to commemorate their 25th release. Then they unveiled an abrassive noise compilation, aimed at proprietors of artistic censorship. And now, Experimedia returns with their greatest compilation yet... the double LP-length 'Rhythm Method', featuring close to 160 minutes of new & exclusive music from mostly new and/or unheard artists in addition to a few established artists. Thematically, this release continues the tradition of attacking a specific niche of electronica, with the focus now on beat-driven electro, squelchy glitch-hop, raw and rugged d'n'b... basically, if it has a pulse, it is being represented. Whether you like to dance, nod yer head, or just sit back and chill to some ear candy...this is for you. Design by Jack Rabbit.


101 earthman - bomvu precog
102 brother thadeus - cold steel out
103 acid burp - 39 hour man
104 nick s - machine funk
105 djet - jellyfish
106 milieu - pileus (infinite edit)
107 freqtronik - mr hugo
108 casio commander - the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
109 port orchard - kinderfarten
110 marshall watson - meady
111 1kb - testpattern2
112 octoforce - the dispatch
113 pym - putty
114 dane jacobs - rightot
115 mrs jynx - trigger for a train of thought

201 halfadder - seytinpyook
202 blue vitriol - ravishing tea party
203 paul mahoux - tokashikighostokashiikiss
204 solenoid - purple biscuit
205 sekret hush - spin of the kajawa
206 sascha mueller - scene 21
207 legowelt - theme from chriet titulaer
208 soundbionics - abberation (tactical static mix)
209 dissolved - phrelemance
210 max marlow - soul out clipping
211 sunao inami - 0207
212 glasse vs nubot - chaplain-bay
213 ocp - lagoa

Monday, April 10, 2006

Exquisite Corpse 6

We recently participated in the 6th in a series of exquisite corpse style song projects done in conjunction with a dozen other list members from the Idm-Making list. The songs are wonderful and bizarre:

Exquisite Corpse 6

Here is the direct link to our contribution (but you should really check out the whole site to get the context, there is a neat Flash interface to show the lineage of the remixes):

Blue Vitriol - Exquisite Corp., LTD

Here are the previous installments:

Exquisite Corpses 1-4

Exquisite Corpse 5

Thursday, April 06, 2006

2 Podcasts Featuring Blue Vitriol and Jahtari

Here are a couple of podcasts that have recently featured some of our songs, and songs by our labelmates on Jahtari:

StamPodCast #14
A Dub and Reggae StamPodCast this time, inspired by Dr Puff , with podsafe music from Dubmatix, JahtariRiddimForce, Disrupt, Blue Vitriol, BlazeDem, Volfonic and a hip-hop song about food from Filipeanut.

PUFFCAST - Show 31 -
Show 31, our 1 year anniversary show, features artists Blue Vitriol and Disrupt from the site. Creative video game electronica meets 70s Jamaican Dub

Its always nice to hear people mixing our tracks into their sets. Check them out and leave them some comments, DJs love feedback!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

EP: Blue Vitriol - The Bad Sleep Well

UPDATED: Thanks to the commenter for pointing out that the links were dead, we have made the tracks available again.

Blue Vitriol have written a brand new EP for Project 168 (a project website where artists write and post an EP in one week). This time we decided to explore some sort of electronic futuristic post-dub. This stuff is a little edgier than our 'Titan' release, but we think it is still quite accessible. Four tracks of beat and bass heavy dubness to fill your ears right here:

Blue Vitriol - The Bad Sleep Well

Direct track downloads:

01 A Murder of Crows Dub
02 The Bad Sleep Well
03 Buried Alive Dub
04 The Last House On The Left

(Thanks to Tina for the rad cover art, apologies for the short notice)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Exquisite Corpse 5

Blue Vitriol and participated in the latest of the exquisite corpse song projects from the Idm-Making list. Check it out:

Exquisite Corpse 5 (mp3) click for (info)

Here are the previous ones:

Exquisite Corpse 1 (mp3)
Exquisite Corpse 2 (mp3) click for (info)
Exquisite Corpse 3 (mp3) click for (info)
Exquisite Corpse 4 (mp3) click for (info)

Friday, November 18, 2005

EP: Blue Vitriol - They Went To Titan!

Blue Vitriol - They Went To Titan! (2005)

Jake and Josh finished up a 6 song mini-album which has just been released on the premier German Electronic Dub-Reggae music label: Jahtari. It is available immediately (for FREE!) in handy Mp3 format. We've been working on some of these songs for more than a year, so it's definitely our best work ever. Jahtari is gearing up to do CD and Vinyl releases soon too-- keep an eye out over the next few months for news of a CD version of the album with a few exclusive bonus tracks.

So please, download and listen to the Mp3 release of our new mini-album, share it with anyone who might enjoy it, and let us know what you think. You know you love the digital dub:

Blue Vitriol - They Went To Titan! (2005)

Direct track downloads:

01 Submethane
02 Breeder
03 Cryovolcano
04 Casiotone Rock
05 Re-Entry Dub
06 They Found Oceans on Titan

Here is the description from

3...2...1...LIFT OFF! On October 15th, 1997 the largest interplanetary spacecraft ever built left Earth for the vast Saturnian system - the Cassini orbiter with its attached Huygens probe. After a seven-year journey through the roaring silence of space Cassini finally reached its goal: the majestic rings, dozens of frozen moons and huge magnetosphere of Saturn that has intrigued human imagination for centuries.

TITAN, Saturn's largest moon, is one of the most mysterious objects in our Solar System. Scientists think that its atmosphere resembles that of a very young Earth. The Huygens probe was released from Cassini in December 2004. Two weeks later it entered the murky atmosphere of TITAN and descended via parachute onto its mysterious surface. The ESA Huygens probe was the first to land on a world in the outer Solar System.

BLUE VITRIOL are supplying the soundtrack to every aspect of this revolutionary mission with their 'THEY WENT TO TITAN'-EP on JAHTARI. A long journey to the outer regions of Dub itself, made for listening as a whole - over and over again. The dense atmosphere of TITAN becomes almost palpable in each track, every crag in the clifted surface of that strange moon an own sound. Hear vast Methane oceans moving in slow motion. Space suits hissing, scanner data transmitting, control lights flashing. Rockets igniting into the screaming magnetosphere, radar echos penetrating the thick clouds, echoing back around the rings of Saturn. Deep and lightyears away.

Commencing landing sequence to your sonic orbit now!

EP: Blue Vitriol - The Beach (1999)

The Beach is a 3-track EP of classic, vintage Blue Vitriol, available for the first time in handy Mp3 and Flac formats. These songs were finished in late 1999 using methods very different from our current tricks, so they have a raw feel compared to our newer material. But some elements have remained constant (a little bit of dub, and our obsession with cheeky, sci-fi sampling).

The Beach ranges from a downtempo trip-hop number about endorphins, to a frantic, proto-drill n' bass (we call it toy monkey style) song about talking to the dead, to our epic, skittering trip across the face of drum n' bass that took us months of cutting and pasting to program. In those days, we feasted on a steady diet of Mu-Ziq and Squarepusher (hence the self-aware Mu-ziq references). These songs reflect their influence without overtly sounding much like them (despite our best efforts).

We'd also like to point out that we didn't really know what we were doing at the time, but worked really hard at it, so we feel the result has a certain charm... For example, we didn't know anything about breakbeats, so we made our own from scratch, and ended up with a very unique (if somewhat silly) sound.


Blue Vitriol - The Beach
Blue Vitriol - Slab
Blue Vitriol - Pomponio (Another Beach)

Download the cover art: Front Back

Also available in Ogg: 01 02 03 and Flac (lossless): 01 02 03

Friday, November 11, 2005

Exquisite Corpse 1-4

Jake and Josh and participated in a series of exquisite corpse style song projects done in conjunction with a couple dozen other list members from the Idm-Making list. The songs are wonderful and bizarre:

Exquisite Corpse 1 (mp3) click for (info)
Exquisite Corpse 2 (mp3) click for (info)
Exquisite Corpse 3 (mp3) click for (info)
Exquisite Corpse 4 (mp3) click for (info)

Each one had slightly different rules and people contributing, so be sure to click through to the info pages. Josh credited as "Blue Vitriol" and Jake as "Spish".

Monday, August 01, 2005

Sideproject: Velvet Lollipop

Get out your eyeliner, 'cause Blue Vitriol have gone Goth:

Velvet Lollipop - Sweeter Than Death

We participated in Project168 (a project website where artists write and post an EP in one week) with the intention to do a mid-80's style electropop EP, limiting ourselves to only using 1 drum machine and 3 synths. The music turned out a little too silly and gothic to be called Blue Vitriol... so Velvet Lollipop was born. Chances are there will be followups.

So if you are prepared for a little 80's nostalgia, there are some good tunes on the EP:

My Clove Went Out
2021 Jump Street
1,000,000 Watts Of Hate

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Live: Blue Vitriol @ Wish 03.09.2004

Blue Vitriol Live @ Wish on 03.09.2004 (Mp3)

Another show at wish. Same recording issues, but it's still worth a listen.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Demo: A Trip to the Outer Planets

A Trip to the Outer Planets (Mp3)

A song about blasting off in a rocketship. This is a reworking of an older song of ours called "Spaceman Chuck" -- but this version much better captures the optimistic spirit of Blue Vitriol's fledgling space program.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Live: Blue Vitriol @ Wish 02.03.2004

Blue Vitriol Live @ Wish on 02.03.2004 (Mp3)

This is a live show we did at Wish.

(excuse the bad sound quality, the mix was overloading the recorder)

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Demo: Gamelan

Gamelan (Mp3)

Jake came up with the bangy gamelan melody in another tune he was working on, then decided that it was cool, but not right for that song... so Josh took it and wrote a new song around it. The melodic progression is sort of depressing at first listen, but maybe resigned is a better word. Defintitely reflective head music.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Demo: Oceans On Titan

Oceans On Titan (Mp3)

I was listening to old skool dub pretty much non-stop and was curious if I could program a convincing dub beat... I didn't get the usual warm, rough edge that real dub has, but I like the spacious coldness of this mix none the less. I'm definitely gonna be writing some more dub style, its addictive.

Demo: Duck Curry

Duck Curry (Mp3)

I went to a little Thai place here in Berkeley and had some amazing duck curry for $6... I was full and happy and I decided to try to get that feeling down into a song. This one is definitely on the minimal tip. You need serious bass to appriciate the song fully as the "melody" is sort of the bassline.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Demo: Frozen For A Thousand Years

Frozen For A Thousand Years (Mp3)

More time-shifting, granular trickery in this oddly dubby, drippy, ambient piece.

Demo: Eye Zone Ebb

Eye Zone Ebb (Mp3)

Imagine the sound of scrolling through a bongo band. Imagine the chaos of a drum circle you could shuffle like a deck of cards. We use our digital tools in this track to abuse conventional concepts of rhythmic structure, presenting the whole rhythm track, essentially, at once.

Demo: 2 Billion Tons Of Superheated Gases

2 Billion Tons Of Superheated Gases (Mp3)

This one is about a coronal mass ejection. Extreme time-shifting and granular synthesis unlock hidden ambient melodies and rhythms in an otherwise familar orchestral sound, meanwhile science-fiction sensibilities attempt to break through.

Friday, October 31, 2003

Demo: Every Good Boy Deserves Favor

Every Good Boy Deserves Favor (Mp3)

This is one of my favorite songs of ours. It's a cheeky, poppy little number, with a happy, loping bassline and some funky breaks. Sadly the master tape for this song has gone missing, so this is the only version of it that will ever see that light of day (aside from a reworking of it that you can play yourself on our improbable orchestra) .

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Demo: Record

Record (Mp3)

This tune starts out skittery and abstract, takes an unexpected turn in the middle, then works itself into a bangy little techno groove. It's a little rough around the edges, but we'll remix it one of these days.