Blue Vitriol

Sunday, February 19, 2006

EP: Blue Vitriol - The Bad Sleep Well

UPDATED: Thanks to the commenter for pointing out that the links were dead, we have made the tracks available again.

Blue Vitriol have written a brand new EP for Project 168 (a project website where artists write and post an EP in one week). This time we decided to explore some sort of electronic futuristic post-dub. This stuff is a little edgier than our 'Titan' release, but we think it is still quite accessible. Four tracks of beat and bass heavy dubness to fill your ears right here:

Blue Vitriol - The Bad Sleep Well

Direct track downloads:

01 A Murder of Crows Dub
02 The Bad Sleep Well
03 Buried Alive Dub
04 The Last House On The Left

(Thanks to Tina for the rad cover art, apologies for the short notice)


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