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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tribute to Jahtari released a really nice mix of the Jahtari back catalog, listen here:

Tribut an das Jahtari Netlabel | Phlow

Phlow Jahtari Mixtape

01. disrupt - "Tubby ROM Module (7")" (MP3)
02. Mikey Murka - "Sensi Addict" (MP3)
03. Jahtari Riddim Force - "Depth Charge" (MP3)
04. Ras Amerlock - "Farther East" (MP3)
05. Wheeler - "Breeze Blow" (MP3)
06. disrupt - "Jah Red Gold And Green" (MP3)
07. disrupt - "Bomb 20" (MP3)
08. Tapes - "Ticker Tape" (MP3)
09. disrupt - "Samurai Showdown" (MP3)
10. Jahtari Riddim Force - "Enchantier" (MP3)
11. Illyah & Ltd. Candy - "Fight The Formation" (MP3)
12. Normaa - "Give Thanks To Be Part" (MP3)
13. disrupt - "Blast You To Bits" (MP3)
14. Volfoniq vs Kik The Hypez - "Speak'n'Sex Maaagik Dub" (MP3)
15. Fleur Earth w/ Gringo Starr - "Brennen Euch Ab" (MP3)
16. Blue Vitriol - "Re-Entry Dub" (MP3)
17. Blaze Dem - "Martial World" (MP3)
18. disrupt - "Central Dubbing Unit" (MP3)
19. Bo Marley - "Bauhelm" (MP3)
20. Jahtari Riddim Force - "Loose In Space" (MP3)
21. Dubmood - "Kick De Bucket" (MP3)
22. disrupt - "The Stars My Destination" (MP3)
23. Blue Vitriol - "Breeder" (MP3)
24. disrupt - "International Karate Championship" (MP3)

Jahtari Compilation | Jahtari gehört definitiv zu den einzigartigsten Netlabels weit und breit. Vorsichtig fügt Jan Gleichmar aka disrupt eine Veröffentlichung nach der anderen über Jahtari in die Welt hinaus. Es kann auch mal längere Zeit still sein, dafür ist das Jahtari-Musikarchiv aber voll mit Dub Reggae Rohdiamanten. Wer mehr über Jahtari wissen möchte, liest am besten das Portrait "The Jah of 8-Bit-Chip-Dub-Digital-Laptop-Reggae-Music" auf Das habe ich damals vor einiger Zeit für das Sceen Magazin geschrieben. Ist aber zeitlos. Nach dem Klick bekommt ihr sämtliche MP3-Download-Links... Alles Creative Commons Musik :)

Or if you don't speak German, here's the Google translation:
Jahtari Compilation | Jahtari is definitely the most unique Netlabels far and wide. Carefully insert January Gleichmar aka disrupt a publication out to the other about Jahtari in the world. It can also be times long time to be quiet, but the Jahtari Music Archive, but full of dub reggae with diamonds is. Who wants to know more about Jahtari, reads most of the portrait "The years of 8-bit chip-Dub-Digital Laptop Reggae Music" on That's what I wrote at that time some time ago for the Sceen Magazine. But is timeless. After the jump you'll get all MP3 download links ... Everything Creative Commons music:)

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