Blue Vitriol

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Remix: Blue Vitriol - Summer Will Never Come Again

We participated in the Medl remix contest for our friends at the netlabel Vocoid. Medl released the component tracks for their album Medly on the excellent CCMixter, and we chose my favorite, their breezy Summer Came Late This Year.

The rules stipulated that our remix use 50% content from their track. Our remix is comprised entirely of material from the original, except for a new subbass line. We processed the hell out of the samples, slowing everything down, making the beat gritty and dark, employing a healthy amount of cutup trickery and digital glitching. The result is more of a recomposition than a straight remix, teasing a new melody - suggested by the shape of the melody in the original - out of the sounds that were already there.

Blue Vitriol - Summer Will Never Come Again (Medl Remix)


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