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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Live: Blue Vitriol @ Plug:Dos 09.09.2006

Last Weekend Blue Vitriol played live at Plug:Dos, the local San Francisco Bay Area show in the Le Placard Headphone Festival series of international headphone concerts.

At this show there were no speakers, so during the concert everyone was listening on their own personal headphones. This created a very odd sort of feeling, almost as if we were playing a concert in a library. If you slipped off your headphones all you heard was muffled discussion between friends and people shifting in their seats. Add to that the people listening from their homes all over the world via the live internet stream and you get a totally unique performance experience. We enjoyed it quite a bit.

We performed live remixes of a few selections off of our experimental digital dub EP's "The Bad Sleep Well" and "They Went To Titan".

Since we haven't been able to find a downloadable archive of the whole show (please email us if you find it), we are posting this practice take of the set.

Download it here:

Blue_Vitriol_-_Live_Practice_Set_for_PlugDos_2006 (23min, 33meg MP3) (other file formats)


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